Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 21: Fear of Disappointing Others--How Satan Tries to Destroy My Life

"The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy: I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." 
John 10:10

DAY 21:  Fear of Disappointing Others

I would hate to be a celebrity.  Not that it's anything I need to be worrying about, but I think, for me, that would be a stressful life.  I worry enough the way it is about not being able to please everyone as a wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, writer, speaker, leader, etc.  I wouldn't want the stress of trying to please everyone in America or even the world.  One bad movie...one bad comment...one bad strike-out.  It would be one of my worst nightmares to have a whole stadium of fans turn on me and start to "boo".  I'm sure they learn to develop a "thick skin" which I do not possess. 

If you can't tell, I'm a people pleaser to the core.  I want everyone to be happy...to feel loved...to feel part of the group...to feel needed.  This is just how God made me.  It's genuinely about making someone else happy.  It's genuinely about loving and serving someone in need.  It's genuinely about how can I do something for someone else.

God gave me a giving and compassionate heart for others that I'm so grateful for.  I love to give, give, give, help, help, help, serve, serve, serve.  Along with that comes disappoint, disappoint, disappoint, let down, let down, let down, not live up to someone's expectations, not live up to someone's expectations, not live up to someone's expectations.   

Because I've opened myself up to loving and serving others, I've also opened myself up for disappointing others or letting people down.  I do not deal well with that.  Sometimes my fear of being disappointing has caused me not to do anything at all. 

The lie I've told myself is if I do nothing, I will protect myself and never disappoint anyone and never let anyone down and never fall short and never have to face not living up to someone's expectations.  Lies...ridiculous lies. 

When I do nothing out of fear, everyone loses.  I lose because I'm not using my God given gifts.  Others lose because they are not being loved and served.  God loses because His daughter who He created for a purpose is refusing to do what He's asking her to do. 

When I do nothing, everyone loses...well, maybe not everyone.  Satan's mission in our lives is to steal, kill and destroy.  In my life, I've seen him steal my joy, kill my desire to live, and destroy the plans that God has for me.

When I do nothing out of the fear of disappointing others, satan wins.  Satan has lied to me in a lot of ways, and he has used my fear of disappointing others against me. 

Many times throughout my life and especially on my journey of having a closer relationship with Christ, I've battled with satan's lies, but I've learned to counter those lies with God's truth. 

Satan's lie: 
Don't direct this moms ministry.  You are not good enough to handle it.  You will do a terrible job and you will be disappointing to everyone.  

God's truth:  
I wouldn't have put you in this position if I didn't think you could handle it.  I am going to guide you and give you all you need.  No, you will not please everyone.  You may even disappoint some, but you will have an opportunity to share the stories I have given you with others.  You will also have the opportunity to inspire moms.  Fear not.  Just trust me.  Lead.

I lead.

Satan's lie: 
Don't call yourself a speaker.  No one is going to care what you have to share.  

God's truth: 
This isn't about you.  The focus when you speak isn't on you.  When you speak, you share the good that I have done in your life. You bring others hope and encouragement.  You teach them about My love.  Your focus shouldn't be on whether or not you disappoint others.  Your focus should be on whether or not you glorify Me.  You shine My light on them.  Fear not.  Just trust me. Teach.  Encourage.

I teach.  I encourage. 

Satan's lie: 
Why would you leave this moms group to start your own?  Who do you think you are?  If you leave this moms group, you'll be nothing.  You'll have nothing.  You'll disappoint everyone you know and no one will like you.  You'll fail. 

God's truth:  
Your mission is to love, support, encourage and empower moms no matter where you are.  Your focus shouldn't be on your fears of disappointing the people in this world.  Your focus should be on serving Me.  Your focus should be on what I'm going to do through you to change the world.  Be humble and serve.  Fear not.  Just trust me.  Follow. 

The Pastor and Director of the first 4Real Moms group!

I follow Him. 


God's plans for me are to have life and to have it abundantly.  When I listen to God's voice and follow God's plans, everyone wins.

Are you ready to let go of your fears of disappointing others?  Are you ready to follow God's lead to use your gifts to serve others? 

Father, I give my fears of disappointing others to You.  I understand that pleasing everyone is an impossible task.  Please take away that burden and give me balance.  Allow me to use my gifts and passions to love and serve others without trying to please everyone.  Help my focus be less on pleasing others and more on following You. When satan tries to tell me lies, fill me with Your truth.  Lord, shine Your light into my fears of being disappointing to others and fill me with faith to walk confidently forward leading, teaching, encouraging and following You!  In Jesus' name.  Amen.

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