Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Most Embarrassing Thing to Happen On Your Honeymoon

The Dreaded Day 3...
It was Day 3 of our honeymoon...dun...dun...dun...a day I will never forget...a day I learned what marriage was really about. 

It was just three days after our big wedding, our "I Do's", our commitment to spend the rest of our lives together...for better or sickness and in health. 

My husband had no idea how quickly I would bank on those vows!

We were having a blast--splashing in the pool, walking along the beach, watching the sunset, riding a giant bike in the ocean, seeing each other at our best--our sexiest outfits, our best moods, our most fun and adventurous spirits. 


On Day 3, that all changed...

The night before, we dined at a gorgeous beach side restaurant.  We ate.  We drank wine--all while gazing into each other's eyes as the waves crashed on the shore nearby.  It was so romantic.  However, the next morning...Day 3...I awoke to a gurgling stomach...churning...aching...I knew that something was going to come out somewhere.  It was just a matter of time.  NOOOOOOOOOO!  Not on my honeymoon. 

I wanted to hide my pain.  I wanted to pretend all was well so we could go snorkeling and continue being flirty and sexy and enjoying our fairy tale of love and romance and happiness and fun. 

I was about to ruin it all with a reality check of "the runs."
I couldn't hide it any longer.  I had to tell my husband of 3 days that I had the stomach bug.  Every 20 minutes throughout the entire morning, I was running to the bathroom and then crawling back to bed.  My sexy new spouse was right there.  He was getting me sips of water.  He was dabbing my sweaty head with a cool wash rag.  He sat in a chair next to the bed as I groaned and complained...helping me...encouraging me...being there for me. 

But gets worse...

As the trips to the bathroom started winding down, all my strength and energy and modesty were gone.  I simply quit putting my clothes back on.  I quit caring that we were on our honeymoon.  I quit caring that I was pooping every 20 minutes in our Honeymoon Suite right in front of my new forever man.  I quit caring that I was a mess.  I flopped over onto the bed falling face first into the pillows, and I hear my husband of less than 72 hour's voice whisper to me...."Honey, you have some poop on your butt." 

And I thought I couldn't feel worse.  I didn't care though.  I couldn't move.  I just wanted to die of pain and now embarrassment.  I was just lying poop on my sun-kissed butt. 

Without saying another word, my brand new mate for life went into the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper, came and sat next to me on the bed, and...wiped my butt.  Yes, he wiped my butt. 

This moment will forever be known as our "Welcome to Marriage Moment"! 

I was mortified, but at the same time, I was given a gift.  A gift to see that my husband was going to be there for me no matter what.  That he was going to be someone I could laugh with, have romantic dinners with, walk on the beach with, and enjoy the good times with, but he was also going to be someone who would stay by my side when I was at my worst.  And that's what matters most in marriage.

Marriage isn't just about the good's about being able to handle the bad stuff too. 

It's not just about the laughs and the's about the tears and the hardships too.  It's about being there for one another, supporting one other, encouraging one another, helping one another, caring for one sickness and in health.  It's about loving and laughing and making the best out of every situation. 

We laughed so hard today as we reflected on Day 3 of our honeymoon, and as we celebrate 15 years of marriage together, we see how much Day 3 prepared us (especially my husband) for what was to come.  He has seen me even more vulnerable…at my most my very, very, very worst.  He has been there for the birth via C-Section of our three children, and even had to ask the doctors to put the sheet back up in the Operating Room after they lowered it for him to see our third child.  (He said he saw way too much of me and still can't get that image out of his head.)  He has been there for countless stomach bugs, flu bugs, cold bugs and even depression bugs.  

He's been there--by my side--through it all. 

It hasn't been easy.  We've even been near divorce, but I'm so thankful that we both have been able to move forward, press on, and persevere through some really rough times, tough conversations, and painful moments.  We have both grown and allowed God to shape us into the individuals that we are today.  Through our struggles, we've gained strength, wisdom, trust, and confidence in ourselves and in each other.  Our marriage stronger now than it's ever been. 
15 Years Ago Today--July 8, 2000

And now, on Day 5,475 of our marriage, the honeymoon is well over, but we continue to celebrate those moments throughout our lives that have brought us closer together...more committed to one each other's matter what comes our way...poop on our butts and all!

What was your "Welcome to Marriage Moment"?

Lord, thank You for the blessing of marriage.  Bring us closer together with each struggle.  Bring us closer together with each joy.  Continue to shine Your light into our circumstances so that we can continue to grow together and love each other no matter what!  In Jesus' name.  Amen. 

Happy 15 Year Anniversary, Brad!  I love you!