Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blessed in the Mess

“A false balance is an abomination to the Lord,
but a just weight is his delight.”
Proverbs 11:1

You call this a mess?  I call this my life…and I’m blessed!   Yes, this is an actual picture of me with my 3 kids.  I have no make-up on.  I haven’t showered.  My daughter is crying about something.  My oldest son is complaining about who knows what.  And my little man is dropping drool all over me!  And that is my messy kitchen.  I know!  It’s a mess!  In my defense, I was in the midst of major multi-tasking:  cleaning out the refrigerator, putting away groceries and trying to make lunches all at the same time. Oh who am I kidding?  This is how my kitchen looks often without all of the excuses!

Even though I’d like to think that my house is nice and tidy most of the time, in reality, it’s not!  Now, if you ever come over and visit me, I would definitely take the time to clean up for you—I don’t want to subject you to my mess (but don’t arrive early and whatever you do, don’t open my mud room door…most likely if my house looks clean, I stuffed everything in there!)  It seems that no matter how hard I try to keep up, I’m just surrounded by mess…messy dishes, messy floors, messy bedrooms, messy mirrors, messy faces, and lots of messy diapers and underwear (my almost 3 year old is finally potty training…that’s another blog in itself!) 

Do I like the mess?  No!  Do I value a clean house?  Yes!  Do I have time to keep my house clean and organized all the time?  No!  But I try, and that’s all I can do in this stage of life and that’s what being a real mom is all about…admitting, accepting and embracing imperfection!  In a perfect world, I would spend as much time with my kids as they ask me to; I wouldn’t have a speck of dust or a crumb anywhere; I wouldn’t have dirty clothes soaking in the bathroom sink (again, potty training), and the laundry would sort, wash, dry, fold and put away itself (hey, I said “in a perfect world.”)  Because this isn’t possible, I shouldn’t even strive for any level of perfection as a mom when it comes to a clean house, but instead just strive to do the best I can.

So today I pray that you will be able to find what works for you in your own mess, but more importantly, I pray that you will love your kids, strive to find balance, and be blessed in your mess!
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  1. Ha! I have a hard time getting the dishes to my kitchen! You should see my dining room table. I can't seem to get it cleared from one meal before it is time to serve the next meal and we do school at the table. Quite a mess!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your openness and honesty! It's always so good to know that I'm not the only one! I can't imagine adding home-schooling supplies to the mix too! :-)

      Your timing is perfect as today, July 30th, 4Real Moms is having a contest for any mom who is brave enough to post a picture of her real mess. You could win a $10 Starbucks gift card. Check it out at 4Real Moms on facebook or twitter #blessedinthemess