Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Turning 40 "Look at What You've Gained"

It's amazing how much can happen in a decade!  I can't believe all that has happened and how much my life has changed.  My prayer is that after reading this that you, too, will take a moment to look back through your life to see how much you've gained!  God Bless and Enjoy!
Turning 40

“Look at What You’ve Gained”


When I reflect back

Over these last 10 years-

It’s been a decade full of growth

So much joy as well as tears.

Me at 30

And when I asked God to take me on a journey

Of all the ways my life has changed,

He took my hand, pulled me close and said,

“Look at what you’ve gained…


Yes, you’ve gained laugh lines and wrinkles

And lots of gray hair

But with all of those things

Came wisdom to share.


I know you’ve lost precious pets

And shed lots of tears.

You lost your dear Grandma Mercer-

A life that was very, very dear.

My dear grandma


You’ve learned so many life lessons

 of trust and true love

And surrendering to Me

Those things you have no control of.


You recommitted your life to Me

And got baptized in the water.

And now we have a closer relationship

Like a daughter with her Father. 

Nothing like getting baptized the day before your daughter was born!

You’ve lived in a townhouse, a corner house

And even a rental house

But after lots and lots of searching,

You’ve gained your forever house.


You’ve gained new adventures

Like learning to water ski on one ski

White water rafting, whale watching, hot air balloon riding

And even learning to snow ski.

Pre-kids spontaneous trip to Utah to watch the Jazz play and snow ski!

You’ve gained traveling to new places

That you’ve loved to see

Like Glacier, Napa, Yellowstone, Cape Cod,

Turkey Run, Mt. Rushmore and even New York City.


And I’ve given you jobs so that you,

I could train

To work for Me in My Kingdom

So let’s look at what you’ve gained…


 Through Mary Kay you gained confidence

But you also learned what you are not,

So I guided you back to teaching,

Because it’s those gifts you’ve got.

My first classroom!

And through your years of teaching,

You gained so many skills-

From time management to creative thinking

To using problem-solving to climb life’s hills.


You also dedicated time to each student

That you’ll never regret-

Loving, praying for and treating them

All with respect.


And during this decade

Your marriage experienced lots of rain.

As well as periods of great darkness

But look at what you’ve gained…

2000--We had no idea what they were in for!

There were moments you thought it was over-

You felt it was the end,

But I had bigger plans

For you and Brad to mend.


To strengthen your marriage

And become closer than before.

And even though the road at times felt long,

I filled your hearts with love and passion even more!


And now you and Brad are so much deeper.

You’ve gained a love--so genuine and caring.

The respect that you’ve built through the years will stay-

Along with the friendship and the sharing.


Your family has had its ups and downs too-

Times you’ve felt close and times you’ve felt great strain

But I’ve been with you through it all-

And now look at what you’ve gained…

Oh the lessons you learn as a family!

You’ve gained an openness and an awareness

And learned that communication is the key.

And now your mom and dad have sold your childhood home-

To be 3 minutes away from you—yipee!  (that's not sarcastic either)


And at one point you said

You have all the friends you need.

But I knew better—you were lonely,

So I planted the friendship seed.

I’ve put friends in your life

Who’ve added much joy.

With lots of playdates and interrupted conversations

While kids are playing (or fighting) with toys.


There have been celebrations and girls’ nights

And babies galore.

There have been times of tears, laughter and prayer

And there be will so much more.


Some friendships have flourished,

And sadly, some friendships have gone.

But each served a purpose

And you gained something from each one.


You’ve lost an income

And now you stay at home

But you’ve gained the wonderful gift

Of being a mom.


You’ve gained saggy boobs, (sorry, but that's just being real :-) )

varicose veins and lots of stretch marks

Along with weight gain and loss

And 3C-section scars.


And though your body has changed

And will never be the same,

Know that your sacrifice was worth it

Because look at what you’ve gained…


From a woman with no children

To now having 3.

Each one with an amazing story

And shows how I love you faithfully.


With Ben,

You gained a new view

Of who I am

And how I unconditionally love you.


With Abby,

You gained a new perspective with fear

Conquering the enemy’s plans

To constantly lie in your ear.


With Nathaniel,

You gained a gift unearned.

Seeing My Love as a true treasure

Which I’m grateful you learned.


And though infertility, depression and a miscarriage

Were part of your journey,

I was with you, holding you and teaching you

Without any hurry.


You’ve gained a new passion

Putting your own dreams on hold

Caring for your family--washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, changing poopy diapers

And LOTS of laundry to fold!


Reading books, making meals, kissing boo boos

And cleaning up all the mess

Wiping snotty noses, and tucking in bed,

And asking Me to bless.


I’m proud of you dear

For taking this new part

And for asking Me for patience

While caring for your kids with your whole heart.

My crazy family

I know that your decade ended

With a year full of confusion and pain,

But I make all things good,

So look at what you’ve gained…


I’ve given you a vision

To bring moms joy and cheer.

You are to coach them and connect them

And make their path in life so clear.


You are to spread my love

To those you meet each and every day.

And encourage them with my love

In what you do and what you say.

So grateful for a new ministry for moms!

And as you move day by day

through this new decade of your life

I know you’ll grow as My Child,

As a daughter, coach, friend, mom and wife.


And just like in your 30s-

In your 40s you will change

You will grow; you will learn

And you’ll experience joy and pain.


And when you ask Me to take you on a journey

Of all the ways your life has changed,

Once again, I’ll take your hand, pull you close and say,

‘Look at what you’ve gained…’”

Me at 40---here's to the next 10 years!


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