Monday, October 1, 2012

The Fab 5

“A friend loves at all times…”  Proverbs 17:17

EIU Fab 5--"The Girls"
  They called us the Fab 5.  Well, no one really ever called us that.  Well, come to think of it, we never even called ourselves that.  Regardless, there were five of us—Elissa, Erin, Val, Stacey and myself.  Although some of us met in different ways and at different points in our lives, we all ended up going to the same college (Eastern Illinois University), living in the same dorm (Andrews Hall) and living on the same floor (3rd), and that’s where all five of us became friends. 

Good 'Ole EIU

That was in 1992, so now we’ve all known each other for over 20 years!  Wow, I don’t feel that old.  Since graduating from college, we each went our own ways pursuing our own paths in life, and yet we’ve made it a priority to keep in touch--just the 5 of us.  In order to stay close and nurture our friendships, we decided that we were going to get together at least once a year.   With bachelorette parties, weddings, baby showers, girls’ weekends and our "just because" gatherings, we’ve done really well.  Sometimes we see each other more, sometimes less, but we always make it a point to see each other.  Why?  Because we value our friendships and we know how rare these types of friendships can be!

My Bachelorette Party

Elissa's Wedding

Four Aunts were born--Our first baby
When I'm with these girls, it's like time has stood still.  We have shared everything together!  I have never laughed so hard and I've never cried so hard from laughing so hard!  In the 20 years we’ve known each other, we have made some amazing memories and done some really crazy things---especially while in college.  My apologies if you knew us in college---I promise that we are all relatively normal today.  Some of my favorite memories from college with “the girls” are:  living at 1075 7th Street,

1075---"If jerks could fly, 1075 would be an airport!"

“We’re stirring!  We’re stirring!”, watching Aladdin, ordering Jimmy Johns, ordering Dominoes, skipping class to watch 90210, just skipping class, going to class in pajamas, wearing slippers to class, having a guy on a horse at our 4th of July party and Erin riding it down Lincoln Avenue (the busiest street in Charleston), making macaroni and cheese and forgetting to turn on the water to cook the noodles—“why are these noodles so crunchy?”, our couch, “George”, and our blanket, “Alfred”,  that stupid bunny poster, sitting on our porch swing,

"George" and "Alfred"--the best napping combo!

Yes, our porch swing was that high was awesome!
late night partying--I mean studying, roommate night outs, our spontaneous trip to Memphis, our quote wall, all the inside jokes, and I could go on and on.  I love each of these girls.  I love that they have seen me at my best and at my worst and love me anyway. In fact, I love this quote by Elbert Hubbard that says, “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”  I love that each of them has moved on to do some incredible things with their lives.  I love that I have a special and different relationship with each of them.  I love that we have chosen to be a part of each other’s lives and that we are intentional about getting together no matter what obstacles are in the way. 
I am so grateful for these 5 friends as well as many amazing friends I’ve met along the way.  I am so thankful that God puts friends in our lives to encourage and to be encouraged by, to love and to be loved by, to grow with, to change with, to cry with, to be with, to laugh with.  God blesses our lives with friendships.  I love that in John 15:12-13 Jesus says,
 “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” 
 Jesus values friendships.  Friendships have purpose.  Friendships have meaning.  Jesus tells us that friendships are important, so we need to nurture those friendships that are significant to us.
Who are your closest friends?  How do you let your friends know that you value them?  Do you take time out of your busy schedule to let your friends know how important they are to you?  This week, I pray that you will take the time to let a friend or two know what a blessing that they are in your life.  In this day of instant communication, there is no reason not to be able to accomplish this.  God puts these friends in our lives on purpose, for a purpose and for His purpose, so please take a minute right now to send them a note, a card, a phone call, a text, an email, a facebook message, a tweet, or all of the above and tell them how important they are to you and how thankful that you are that God has placed them in your life!  Thank God for friends!

Dedicated to my EIU girls!  Thank you for being my forever friends!  Thank you for the hilarious memories.  Thank you for loving me and being there for me no matter what.  I love you, girls!

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