Sunday, September 16, 2012

Only Trust Him

And those who know Your name
put their trust in You,
for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.  –Psalm 9:10

Again, it's exciting that used another one of my devotions on Sunday, September 16th.  Here it is in the original version.  

Sophie Playing in the Snow!  Even though her eyes were blind, they still saw love!
~ Even though she was blind, Sophie loved to run.  When our eight year old miniature schnauzer lost her sight due to diabetes, we were devastated!  We soon learned that we were more affected by her disability than she was.  Sophie adapted so well.  In fact, my husband and I noticed that she seemed to enjoy her life even more being blind than she ever did when she could see.  She would go on walks, and sometimes she would even start running!  A by-stander would have never thought she was a blind dog unless he watched long enough to see her knock into a tree as occasionally happened when I wasn’t paying close enough attention with the leash.  I would just say, “Sorry Sophs”.  She would turn and keep on running.   One time, she was trotting along behind our other schnauzer, Wrigley, and Wrigley stopped to sniff something.  Sophie kept running and bumped right into Wrigley’s butt.  Sophie really “laughed” at herself with an enthusiastic tail wag and then just kept on running.  She was so free when she ran, and despite the occasional tree bump, she trusted us so much.  When we were approaching a step or a curb, we would just say “step up” or “step down” and she would reach out her paw “feeling” for the step.  She was so amazing and inspiring.
~After she went blind, Sophie didn’t spend any time feeling sorry for herself.  Instead, she started enjoying life even more than she ever had!  She was more active.  She was more energetic.  I admired her so much, and I wanted to be more like her.  What about you?  How do you handle tough situations?  Could you be a little more like Sophie, too?  What about with the next challenge that you face, you go running free.  Seek God’s wisdom and trust that God has your leash and will guide you around the “trees” and around the “Wrigley’s butts” that you may encounter along the way!

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