Sunday, August 26, 2012


“While I am in the world, I am the light of the world."  John 9:5
 “For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.” Psalm 36:1
My Dad, Mr. Mercer aka "Uh" 1986-1987

~ Starting Junior High was scary enough as it was, but the thought of having my dad as one of my teachers was horrifying!  Not only was I afraid of getting lost trying to find my way from classroom to classroom, trying to make new friends, having more homework, learning harder material, and doing all this during the most difficult and awkward developmental stage of my life, but then I also had to worry about what everyone was going to say about me having my own dad as my teacher.  Oh, the drama!  Now normally the administration would not allow a parent to be the teacher of his own child, but in this case, they had no choice.  My dad was the only advanced math teacher in the 7th grade, and I was placed in advanced math.  So, my dad became “Mr. Mercer” to me or, as my dad remembers it, I just called him “Uh”.  I would say “Uh, can you help me with #3?”  or “Uh, can you help me get my locker open?”  (Of all the places for my locker to be in that big junior high, why would it be right next to his classroom? Hmmmmmm…now that I'm a parent, it really makes we wonder if my daddy just wanted to keep an eye on his little girl maybe??). 

My 7th Grade Year- 1986-1987

It was challenging to be labeled as Mr. Mercer’s daughter, and because I was a good student, it was difficult to ignore the whispers from others about how my dad “gave me an A”.  Yeah, right.  In fact, it was the opposite.  My dad was even harder on me that year than he ever was.  Plus, he even quit helping me with my math homework at home which he had always done.  In good conscience, he didn’t want to help me with any homework or study for tests because he wanted to make sure that I was not given any special treatment.  It was tough, but I understood completely, and luckily, my brother was able to step in and help me when I needed it.
Entering junior high knowing that I was going to have to face the challenges of having my dad for a teacher, made me prepare for the negative side of that experience.  But what surprised me, was how much I enjoyed it and how much of a positive experience that it turned out to be.  Once I got past all of the other stuff, I soon realized that it was actually nice having him around to give me advice, give me rides home so I didn’t have to take the bus, and be there for me when I didn't feel well.  But, even more than those things, I had the unique opportunity to see what an amazing teacher my dad was.  He was smart and funny and goofy.  In fact, I even had a classmate write in my yearbook:  "To a friendly girl with a weird dad."  It was so true.  He was weird, but in a good way and it showed all of us how much he loved to teach.  All the kids loved him... and so did I—as my dad and as my teacher.
~ What an amazing opportunity that I was given to see my dad in a different light. Are you ready to start seeing life in a different light too?  This week, I pray that God’s light will shine on a challenge you are facing and give you a new perspective. God’s light transcends all negativity, so instead of focusing on the negative, allow God’s light to shine on the positive side.  When you begin to see things God's way, I truly believe that you will experience a whole new appreciation for something or someone that seemed so difficult or unpleasant.  Let God surprise you! 

**I’d like to dedicate this blog to all the teachers out there.  My dad inspired me to become a teacher.  My brother also became a teacher, and I married a teacher.  Teaching is a tough job, but a very important one, and it's a profession that holds a dear and special place in my heart, so I’d like to say a special blessing for this new school year.  May God’s light shine on you, your students, your administrators and your students’ parents.   Have a great year!**

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